About Me


I'm Rebecca or Becci (as i sometimes get asked - pronounced the same as Becky, I just prefer the spelling as my name is double c).

I'm 25 years old and I'm from the UK. Originally from Greater Manchester but I now live in Northern Ireland and have done for the past four years.

I live with my long term boyfriend of ten years and my two cats Tilly and Toby.

I struggle with severe anxiety and depression as well as BPD. I also struggle with PCOS, chronic pain and undiagnosed chronic illness. I'm disabled and mostly housebound. So my small business gives me so much purpose and an outlet for my struggles.

Art has always been a hobby of mine, I spent years drawing and studied art at GCSE passing with a grade B. My mental health struggles impacted my grades and became so bad I gave up art for a while.

Becoming ill put me back in touch with art and has given me back my purpose to live. So if you have ever supported me in anyway thank you so much for supporting me and my continued existence.

Becci x